Rurart Alliance Blueprint and Skills Prioritisation Map

The Rurart Alliances will be tasked with identifying and discussing the relevant but underestimated/neglected 21CS and entrepreneurial skills in arts and creative sector, and their relevance to the given rural regions needs and demands, pinpoint barriers and detect opportunities to spring into action. Furthermore, short success stories and good practices from the elsewhere will be identified by each Alliance. To ensure replicability, the project consortium will document and create the Rurart Alliance Blueprint – a set of guidelines detailing how to forge a successful Rurart Alliance – an expert group that could be set-up in other regions with the same aim in mind. Synthesised Skill Prioritisation Map and the Blueprint will be published on eCANVAS.


RURAL CANVAS Toolkit will provide step-by-step guidance for facilitators and study program managers to implement a hands-on, real-life, problem-based tools for their adult learners. With the participation of the key stakeholders from Rurart Alliances in the process of development and implementation the toolkit will reflect the current skills needs required for artists and cultural workers to create innovative arts- and creativity-driven solutions to rural challenges.

RURAL eCANVAS and Mentorship Compass

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